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Volume 4 Number 5


  "HOT ISSUE" EXCHANGE - Moving from Merit to Star
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Question: “We are a Merit site and are getting ready for our Star certification. Do you have any advice on the best way to ensure that we will make it?”

ADVICE: Here’s how I would approach your Star preparation:

1. First, ensure that you are completely comfortable that you totally understand the Merit goals that OSHA provided you.

2. If you are not sure what OSHA wanted or if a Merit goal seems vague then ask for clarification.

3. Ensure that you have adequately addressed all Merit goals. A primary focus of your recertification review will be the accomplishment of your Merit goals and any changes since OSHA's first visit.

4. Ensure that you are maintaining all of your processes that are designed to meet each of the VPP sub-elements. The VPP Policies and Procedures Manual: CSP 03-01-002 [TED 8.4] can be used for guidance.

5. Perform a detailed compliance review, VPP Benchmarking and ensure that your three year average TCIR and DART rates are under your industry averages.

If you are comfortable that you done each of the above you should breeze through your Star review.

You might find that you would benefit from outside help. The first place to call is your local OSHA VPP Program Manager. In addition, the VPPPA Mentoring Program, other VPP sites, your corporate office or, private consultants can help.

Here at CoreAdvantage we have developed a number of tools to help sites do exactly what you are faced with. Our SafePath VPP Foundation product breaks down the VPP model into 36 auditable criteria with guidance to educate team members and measurable benchmarks to bench mark against. SafePath VPP Readiness is a tool designed specifically for performing a VPP gap analysis. To educate the site, your results are published using a Dashboard.

To test drive SafePath VPP Foundation click here: SafePath VPP Foundation

To see the SafePath VPP Readiness Tool click here: SafePath VPP Readiness



If you are struggling with getting started or with issues such as buy-in, establishing the proper mix of measures or misalignment, perhaps it’s time for assistance from an outside third party. Frequently a person from outside an organization can help facilitate change a lot easier than a person from within.

Evaluating VPP management systems is the core of my practice. If I can be of any assistance please give me a call at 303.499.4111 or Visit us on the web at: http://www.core-advantage.com.


To learn more about the SafePath product family click here: SafePath


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