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Volume 4 Number 7 - August 2006

New Product: SafePath VPP Readiness

 We are excited to announce a new addition to the SafePath product family, SafePath VPP Readiness — a benchmarking tool to help you determine your Star Certification status.  Over 180 benchmarks provide expert guidance.  With it, you evaluate the critical success factors for Star certification, your progress toward audit-readiness along with the quality and, capability of your safety management practices.  

These safety management benchmarks are grouped by elements and sub-elements of  the VPP reference model.  Whether you are seeking certification or facing recertification, it expedites annual program reviews as it simplifies your preparations.  Originally developed as an internal consulting tool, I'm making it available to the public - it contains the breadth of my knowledge on how to benchmark a site for VPP certification.


STAR in 3! 
A SafePath Software Bundle

Fast track your certification with clarity, precision and certainty.

Step 1: Model - Understand the VPP Reference Model with SafePath VPP Foundation  — Start by understanding and getting your arms around what VPP is all about…then educate and develop buy-in from the rest of your  site …help others “get it.”  Avoid Pitfall # 1:  Wasting time and resources by spinning your wheels due to a lack of clarity of the exact VPP requirements.

Step 2: Measure - Benchmark your Certification Readiness with SafePath VPP Readiness — Benchmarking is one of the most valuable parts of the VPP process.  Identify and close readiness gaps and drive continuous improvement in a systematic and efficient manner.  Become a VPP-caliber Star site in a fraction of the time.  Avoid Pitfall # 2:  Believing that getting your documentation in order is the key to certification.

Step 3: Manage – Manage using Leading Performance Metrics with SafePath Dashboards — Give Managers “Monday Morning Metrics” using leading indicators of performance so they can manage safety like quality & productivity.  Avoid Pitfall # 3:  Treating certification like a project with application submission as its end date.    



QUESTION: “I’m an EH&S manager at a Star site. Each year it becomes more difficult to find ways to improve. One area that we are focusing on is accountability. We are real good at holding our hourly workers accountable. However, I feel we could do better within the management ranks. Any words of wisdom?”

ADVICE:  You just named the biggest challenge for all Star sites. How do you continually improve on an already excellent system? You and the rest of the Star sites in the VPP have no choice … the day that you fail to strive to improve is the day that you begin your decline.

So let’s talk accountability. Demming said it “…what you measure and reward gets done…” The question that I have for you is when you look at the big picture from the shoes of a manager or supervisor, what is being measured and rewarded? While I am sure that S&H performance and support is part of it (otherwise you wouldn’t be a Star site) at the end of the end of the day from their view point what has to happen. If you are like most places managers and supervisors it will be productivity and quality. That’s not to say that they don’t support safety it’s a matter of balance.

My best guess is, you asked this question because while everyone will state that they are completely supportive of safety some mangers and supervisors are probably doing a great job being engaged and leading safety, while others are involved at times and not at other times, and then there is a group that avoids being involved except when they feel they have no choice. All organizations have these groups, what is important is the percentage that resides in each category.

So what do you do? One thing that mangers understand is managing and being held accountable for the numbers. The problem is what numbers are you using for safety?

To solve this dilemma for my clients I always recommend that they consider establishing a good suite of key performance indicators (both up stream activity measures and bottom line performance numbers, i.e., rates). To ensure that everyone is managing to the numbers, I like dashboards. Publish the data and you are more likely to encourage people to be more proactive. They can no longer hide. One thing that all mangers understand is that you never want to go into a meeting with the boss being the one with poor numbers. As long as the boss is willing to manage to the numbers and hold his/her direct reports accountable the accountability will flow down.

If you want to see an example of an interactive dash board click here: SafePath Dashboards


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