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About CoreInsights

CoreInsights™ is a FREE bulletin dedicated to sharing safety and health management best practices from OSHA Star VPP sites.

Each issue of CoreInsights™ features key information from one of the OSHA VPP program elements. As opposed to a Newsletter, this bulletin provides brief succinct informtion that doesn't take time to read and digest.

The bulletin is designed to provide top quality information regarding best practice principals along with down to earth suggestions for implementation. If you are looking for ways to educate site team members whether top executives or front line workers this bulletin can help. The information is also suitable for your committee(s) to help guide their meaningful involvement.

If your just beginning to look into VPP certification or you just want to improve your safety performance this bulletin is for you. Each issue contains timely information and advice from a former OSHA VPP insider. Our editor, Gerard Ryan, Ph.D., CIH, President of CoreAdvantage, is a 26-year OSHA veteran. He was one of OSHA’s most respected VPP Managers. OSHA continues to use him on a consulting basis to support both the OSHA National Training Institute and the Office of Cooperative Programs in the OSHA National office.


If you don't find that the bulletin is providing you value, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Gerard Ryan, Ph.D.
President and CEO, CoreAdvantage™