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CoreAdvantage’s SafePath Capability Model

A Safety & Health Change Process can drive incredibly positive change in an organization. Worker safety and health is one of the few areas that all levels in your organization place high value. Thus, a change process for S&H possesses the unique quality of being able to create the needed buy-in for large-scale positive change.

Through leadership and empowerment, you can eliminate injuries and illnesses and add the savings to your bottom line. Frontline employees can be empowered to find ways to make their jobs safer, easier, more comfortable, thus more productive.

SafePath Capability Maturity Model

Here at CoreAdvantageSM we use a four step capability maturity model when assessing and working with clients.

The model is used to assess the primary capabilities and barriers at the site and the needed focus to move systematically and efficiently to the next step improvement.

The SafePath processes and products are adaptable to any safety management system framework (VPP, ANSI Z10, ISO, OHSAS, or internally developed SHMS, etc.), our most popular offer is based on OSHA’s VPP safety management system reference model or uses a hybrid VPP model with additions of best practices from ISO and ANSI.

Every benchmark, key practice, policy, guidance, and performance indicator in our system has a direct link back to the VPP, ISO and or ANSI framework. As one of our clients put it, “We chose SafePath because we wanted to go from Death Star to VPP Star… and did so in 18 months.”

Culture or behavior; which comes first?

At CoreAdvantageSM we believe that culture and behavior develop on parallel tracks. Without addressing the organizational barriers in your culture, changing behavior is difficult to impossible to sustain. Culture and behavior go hand and hand and support one another. As one improves the other does likewise. They are not mutually exclusive. Driving positive change in both areas will result in far greater performance improvement than by one single approach.

To build and sustain a world-class operation, all four areas, physical S&H conditions, management systems, culture and behavior must be addressed in an integrated fashion. Doing so not only delivers world-class safety and health performance but will also drive world-class performance throughout your entire business.